Azure Function to Exchange Online using Managed Identity

Introduction If we want to automate tasks in Azure we tend to prefer Azure Runbook but sometimes we would have a scenario where we want to automate the tasks using Azure Function. One such scenario is to connect to Exchange online PowerShell using Managed Identity in Azure Function To achieve the above scenario let us divide the tasks in two sections To create Azure Function and enable Managed Identity and add Exchange Online PowerShell To Provide necessary Permission to the Managed Identity Section 1 Azure Function Setup Step 1: To Create Azure Function (If you already have an existing function app you can skip this step)

Extend Graph Developer Proxy using custom plugin

Introduction Graph Developer Proxy is a tool that simulates API errors using the command line. This tool works for the Microsoft Graph API but can also be extended for other APIs as well. The interesting part of the tool is you can extend it as per your requirement as well because the tool uses Plugin based architecture. In this article we will understand what are the out of the box Plugins available and how we can customize it as per our requirement

Mocking API Responses Made Easy with Graph Developer Proxy

Introduction Graph Developer Proxy is a tool that can help mock the API response. This becomes very helpful in two scenarios. When the API is not yet created and the front end teams is waiting for the APIs to be created, in this scenario we can mock the API response, and then when the actual API is ready, we can switch to the actual response. When you do not want to use the resources of your development environment for cost effectiveness, mocking the API response using a graph developer proxy can be handy.

Overview of Graph Developer Proxy

Introduction Graph Developer Proxy is a tool that simulates API errors using the command line. This tool works for the Microsoft Graph API but can also be extended for other APIs as well. This tool can help applications catch API errors and handle them gracefully. This tool will even help mock the API response so that we do not need to hit the server while we are developing our application.

Using Teams Toolkit CLI For Creating Teams Tab

Introduction There are multiple ways to create a Teams Tab project such as using the Teams Toolkit extension for Visual Studio code, Yeoman generator for Teams, etc. Among these options, one such option is to use Teams Toolkit CLI before creating a Teams Tab project using Team Toolkit CLI let’s understand what Teams Toolkit CLI is. What is Teams Toolkit CLI? Teams Toolkit CLI is a command line interface that helps in Teams application development.

Teams Toolkit For Creating Microsoft Teams Tab

Introduction Microsoft Teams is one of the most used collaborative platforms with 270 million monthly active users as of 2022. Microsoft teams have extensibility capabilities that help developers create their own applications. For this application, we have many application capabilities such as Personal apps, Tabs, Bots, Messaging extensions, Meeting extensions, and Webhook and connectors. In this article, we will leverage the capability of Tabs in Microsoft teams. We will go through step by step process of creating Tabs using Teams Toolkit.

How To Run PnP PowerShell In MacOS

Introduction There may be requirements where we need to use PowerShell and if we are using macOS then the question becomes how we can use PowerShell in macOS. But with Microsoft’s new approach of creating everything open source and cross-platform, we can achieve this very easily. But along with this, we would even have a look at how we can use cross-platform PnP PowerShell to automate our Microsoft 365 related tasks.

Connect SharePoint Online w/ Azure Function & Certificates.

Introduction In this article, we will understand how we can connect SharePoint Online from Azure Function using Application based authentication. Previously we learned to use Azure Access Control (ACS) where we used to create client id and client secret (from _layouts/15/appregnew.aspx) but this method has been retired and is not recommended to use and hence in the new Tenants, ACS app-only access is disabled by default. So to overcome this we can use Certificate-based Authentication for connection to SharePoint online.

Creating Free Tier AWS Account With Free S3 Storage Account

Introduction In this article, we will go through the step by step process of creating an AWS account and using their free tier services such as Amazon S3. To create a free AWS account follow the below steps, Step 1 Navigate here. Step 2 To check the details of what services are available in the free tier scroll at the bottom which would list all the free services available. Please note that the free services are only allowed for 12 months and are only intended for understanding the AWS services.

Create ASP.NET Core API w/ Azure AD Auth & consume in SPFx.

Introduction The practice of creating Custom APIs using ASP.NET core is increasing day by day as ASP.NET core is platform agnostic and is based on the C# language. Securing your API is very important as we do not want everyone to access the data, hence we will explore Azure AD based authentication in ASP.NET Core Web API and consume the API using SharePoint Framework. There are two aspects to this article: